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WoW looks, revisited

Posted in WoW by Nogamara on July 28, 2013

Rogue in Tier 5


Warrior in Tier 1

Looking back at my last post in 2010, just before the long hiatus, nothing much has changed. Besides Transmogrification – a thing I really love. Especially as I’ve held on to all my old gear for years in anticipation of such a feature ­čÖé

The real impact is that I could avoid race-changing my Blood Elves, I’m quite happy with a female BE Paladin in (nearly) full Tier 2 and the male BE Priest in Tier 5 doesn’t look too bad either.

So here are a few screenshots and description of what I’ve been sporting for quite a while now, I’m not changing much really.

Priest in Tier 5

Priest in Tier 5

Paladin in Tier 2

Paladin in Tier 2

Rogue: Belt is from MoP, the rest is Tier 5, Daggers unchanged.

Warrior: Mostly Tier 5, Axe is unchanged, Rich Purple Silk Shirt fits excellently.

Hunter: Tier 1 mostly, replaced the Helm with Lightning Crown and the pants with┬áLeggings of Twisted Vines. And┬áZod’s Repeating Longbow of course, best bow ever.

Paladin: Full Tier 2, missing the Helm and a Draconic Avenger that conveniently dropped while doing BWL for the Tier pieces.

Priest: Tier 5, not much more to say.


Hunter in Tier 1

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