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Less SWTOR, more WoW

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on January 17, 2019

No, I’ve not abandoned SWTOR completely, just put it on the backburner a little. I’m still busy in Rishi, fighting pirates.

I also haven’t started the Conquest this week, but I hope to get some time in on the weekend and finish it at least once, but it’s not one of the three I’m missing.

But I’ve also finished this finally, 5th class to Command Level 300 – gotta love that weird weekly handin. I’m mostly doing this to get better (healing) gear, but these last 14 boxes (10x T3, 4x T4) were a little meh.

Last week’s goals, updated

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on January 7, 2019

I wrote about some goals a week ago and despite not being at home for a few days I managed to check a few things off the list. But tomorrow (in like 9h) work starts again and things will slow down. Also I managed to do some of the easy ones, pfff


  • DONE Harlow Ricks’ daily on Light Side Empire chars
  • Get Commando to CL 300 (at 265)
  • Missing 4 3 conquest events: Emergency Operations, The Dread War, Total Galactic War, Flashpoint Havoc
  • Missing 2 1 strongholds: Yavin 4 and Umbara
  • Companion Achievements:
    • Recruit: M1-4X
    • Refuse: Broonmark, Ak’ghal Usar, Sgt. Rusk, Skadge, Lokin
    • 1000 kills:
      • Andronikos Revel: 815
      • Talos Drellik: 417
      • Lord Scourge: 444 0
      • Sgt. Rusk: 885 675
    • Search cantinas for Paxton Rall
  • Leveling/Quests:
    • Finish Ziost on Merc
    • Finish Ziost on Sentinel
    • Get Marauder to 70 (at 57)
    • Get Guardian to 70 (at 58)
    • Finish Makeb on Marauder
    • Finish Makeb on Juggernaut (low prio)
    • Finish KotFE/KotET on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Assassin
    • Finish Ilum on Shadow (low prio)
  • Have a look at the Ossus dailies – normal / heroic

So that’s only one of twelve chars not having done Makeb and one of twelve not having done Ilum. But seven sitting with “Battle of Ilum” in their quest log and one with “False Emperor” – so that’s the cutoff point for my willingness to continue the Ilum story arc.


Setting goals for the future

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on December 30, 2018

A goals/achievements update. Funny how I wanted to post this on Sunday but ended up playing a lot, until after midnight. So some inline updates. 😛

Missing/working on it:

  • 13x 9x Harlow Ricks’ daily on Light Side Empire chars, then the 200 missions are done
  • Get Commando to CL 300
  • Missing 4 conquest events: Emergency Operations, The Dread War, Total Galactic War, Flashpoint Havoc
  • Missing 2 strongholds: Yavin 4 and Umbara
  • Companion Achievements:
    • Recruit: M1-4X
    • Refuse: Broonmark, Ak’ghal Usar, Sgt. Rusk, Skadge, Lokin
    • 1000 kills:
      • Andronikos Revel: 815
      • Talos Drellik: 539
      • Lord Scourge: 444 309
      • Sgt. Rusk: 885
    • Search cantinas for Paxton Rall
  • Leveling/Quests:
    • Finish Ziost on Merc
    • Finish Ziost on Sentinel
    • Get Marauder to 70
    • Finish Makeb on Juggernaut (low prio)
    • Finish KotFE/KotET on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Shadow (low prio)
  • Have a look at the Ossus dailies
  • Group Content:
    • Heal a Flashpoint
    • Heal an Operation
    • Do the 8 FPs I’ve never seen at least once
    • Try out Galactic Starfighter
    • Try out Space Missions for the first time since 2011
    • Try out an Uprising
  • Do the Star Fortress quests for a second time
  • Finish my Datacrons: Rishi, Fleet, Corellia, Taris

Done (what a short list):

  • 10th Class to Level 70 (Mercenary), now missing Marauder (55), Guardian (20 50), Sniper (20), Sorcerer, Gunslinger, Vanguard
  • 100% Life Day
  • 2500 kills with C2-N2, and thus all achievements with the 2 droids

The real question is now if I want to grind out those 2500 kills on the Sentinel/Assassin that I hardly play or if I try to get my 20 Guardian up quickly to do Rusk/Scourge. Sounds a lot more interesting, with the XP event I can focus on the class story and still progress quickly. Then there’s still the weeklies, right now I’m using my Smuggler to farm healing gear for the Operative: Do weeklies, gain ~20 boxes, respec Healing, open them, reslot all 246/248 items to Bind-to-Legacy. Same can be done with the Commando once I hit 300. Not a bad use of my time I guess.

Also the Relics of the Gree Conquest (that I usually don’t like provided me with more completions than usual. Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Juggernaut, Operative, and maybe I can even finish Guardian).

Healer incoming

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on December 27, 2018

Some time ago I decided I want to try healing in SWTOR, but I had no suitable character. As I’m playing mostly Empire right now, that CL 300 Smuggler with ~240 DPS gear wasn’t any help, so I started to play my Operative a bit more, with the intention to grab some healing gear from the higher tier Command chests. He’s CL 134 now, so that’s not so much, but ok, it’s progressing.
But I also still had one of those boosts left so I went out to create a new char with the intention to boost. Then I read up on the boost and I felt this wasn’t worth it. You skip all the story, you can’t make your decisions, meh. How long can it take to level up? Wasn’t there some Double XP event planned after Christmas?

Commando with a new helmet

That’s how my Mercenary got started. I wanted to replay the Bounty Hunter story line anyway (thus the boost would have sucked) and I very quickly went to Level 20 (big surprise). Then I couldn’t play for a few days due to Christmas stuff, but with the +25% XP boosts from quests and the +100% server XP buff I managed to get to 70 in less than 10h, and I’m sitting at CL 26 already, having finished everything up to and including Yavin 4, as I usually do on all my chars. I just skipped Ilum again this time. And I already could transfer one 240 item from my Commando (at CL 236 now) over, via slotting the modules into a bind-to-legacy item. It’s not so cheap, but I’m not exactly lacking funds right now. 240 is a lot better than the 210 item he had equipped. So I guess this route is a lot quicker now. I respecced the Commando to Healing as well to get healing gear from the boxes, then I will transfer that over. Maybe I should’ve done this legacy-ification a lot sooner, but I felt it wasn’t really worth pre-248. This is now just an exception because I want to have some healing equip. Of course I was still too chicken to try to heal a random FP, but I hope I’ll feel confident enough soon 😛 I do think it has more to do with “running a dungeon” than “the pressure of healing” – I just don’t like small group content.

I’m pretty happy how he looks, I wrote before that I tried Male Body Type 4 once and hated it. This one now is fine – I just need to watch out which chest item I show, because in some of them he really looks to fat and unfit for combat.

Twi’lek Mercenary at Level 70

I usually insert too many screenshots, because I make too few – but here’s one of one of my favorite semi-reproducible bugs: If you change your spec while being mounted you will sometimes be shown running while mounted. Depending on the type of your mount this looks wrong or really funny:

A few achievements here and there

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on December 9, 2018

It seems I’m falling back into a lower cadence of posts, but apparently the holiday season has started, which means a lot of stuff to do. Fun things like meeting people for mulled wine but also buying presents and other stuff. Or travel for work. I did play a bit, but not much this week.

This “Continuing Comfort” weekly quest I wrote about is finally done, I managed to not forget to visit Odessen every week and hand in some (not so) expensive mats.

No more handing in stuff in Odessen every week

I did manage to get my Smuggler to Command Level 300, so that should grant me the maximum of a +100% boost to Command XP on the remaining toons at 70. Yay, more weeklies! 😛

Fourth mirror class to Command Level 300!

I also managed to get my Jedi Shadow to Level 70 today (finishing everything up to Ziost and then doing the last 1-2 levels via daily quests, as usual). She’s my first toon that “duplicates” a per-faction mirror class. The moment I dinged I bought her a full set of 230 Tanking Gear with Command Tokens (1700 left now) and respecced to Kinetic Damage, we’ll see when I will try playing that.

That makes 9x Level 70

Speaking of alts and levels, apart from this 9th Level 70 I now only have a 50 Marauder, 20 Guardian, and 17 Sniper. I still have a Level 65 boost which I think I’ll use on a Healing Mercenary, but I haven’t decided on the race yet. Then there’s still this male Rattataki Vanguard and the male Togruta Gunslinger on the table, a male Zabrak Sorcerer is created, but never logged in yet. Yeah, that should be 16 characters according to a plan of 8 male and 8 female (for the stories and voice actors), one per class each.

Doing Conquests with a guild in a coordinated manner is still fun, not having to grind daily, but being able to commit to 2h once per week and knock out 15k on one toon, still leaving the possibility to do it solo on another. Also I’ve seen some more operations, Dread Fortress, Terror From Beyond, and if you want to count them Xenoanalyst and Golden Fury.

Some more progress:

  • Rishi “A Pirate’s Life”: 132/200
  • Lokin to 1000/1000 kills
  • C2-N2 to 1674/2500 kills

And a huge fail: I tried to do the Eternal Championship again on my Bounty Hunter, where I had not so huge problems getting to the 6th boss, but then failed (back when I hit 70). Now I tried this again – with 246 gear and a 41 Companion. Wow, I still failed at the exact same place. Of 3-4 tries I nearly managed to win the 6th round once, but that was half luck and then I gave up some time later anyway. The internet told me to let my companion get aggro on one of the 2 adds, then kill an add, then kill the main enemy, then kill the second add. Apparently my companion is not able to either hold aggro, or survive. Don’t even remember which spec worked (tank or dps) but with healing it was an even bigger disaster. Maybe I should try with a different class, that one’s certainly my nemesis. And I’m also not used to really hard content anymore, I know that 😛

Ticking off the todo list

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on November 27, 2018

Another week has gone by and I did progress a little with my SWTOR goals, yay.

  • Get Sith Juggernaut to 300 Command Level DONE
  • Get Scoundrel to 300 Command Level (at ~271 currently and still hopes for this week…)
  • Progress with the Rishi “A Pirate’s Life” achievements (100/200 done *yawn*, at least it’s possible in afk mode :P)
  • 2 more weeks of “Continuing Comfort” DONE
  • 20 PvP matches on the Sage for M1-4X (8/20 done)
  • Start KotFE, get to Alliance Alerts (3rd time) DONE and DONE (on Operative)
  • refuse Rusk/Skadge/Broonmark/Lokin/Xalek/Ak’ghal Usar (not yet)
  • Bonus: Got to Rank 20 with the 4 alliance contacts, now overflowing with Legacy gear
  • Farmed some guards on some planets with the guild for achievements
  • Completed Dread Fortress 8 man SM – this was really fun, but a DPS PT is not a good offtank.

Last week I only managed to contribute around 34k on 2 chars to the Guild Conquest, but I’m not good at crafting. This week we have the Gree event, also not looking forward to this…

Thinking about a blog move

Posted in About this blog, SW:TOR by Nogamara on November 19, 2018

I accidentally posted twice yesterday, that second post was supposed to be for today after a quick edit of “I finished the Conquest target on 3 chars and made ~50k points”. But yeah.

Haven’t done much yesterday and today, but I did start KotFE on my Agent and if you spacebar hard enough you can get Chapter 9 done pretty fast. This chapter is important for 2 reasons: Unlocking “To Find a Findsman” to get Alliance Alerts, and to be able to start the Star Fortresses story arc.

As I read lately that the ads on seem to be getting worse and overall because I’m feeling like it, I’ve been researching domain names and hosting options – if I should move off here. So far it’s been pretty good, but maybe I don’t want to scare off all my 5-10 readers with too many ads. 😛 I don’t want to spend too much money and I want a domain with whois privacy. The latter already soured me on that awesome domain name I was already about to buy. I’m not so good with catchy names, so I guess I’ll ponder a bit more about this. I’m pretty sure we had this topic as a writing prompt in Blaugust this year and I’m not happy with my choice (name of the author in the domain name) right now, although I was for years and maybe it will come again 🙂 Also at Blaugust I didn’t think this through renaming most of my accounts to Nogamara and just keeping the blog name and the twitter handle. Poor people had to write Nogamara/Armagon all the time…

And yes, I know about the plans, but I’d either have to get the 4 EUR/month plan and pay for the domain from year 2 on, so that would be like 110 EUR for 2 years, or just get an external domain which would probably cost ~28 EUR per year (~15 EUR for the domain, 13 EUR to map it here) but not even remove the ads, so no big win. Self-hosting is some work, but I guess I can pull it off for ~25 EUR per year.

Enough rambling, off to bed now and trying to get up early tomorrow to be home sooner and be able to run some errands quickly so I can be online after maintenance and get my Juggernaut to Command 300!

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Goals in SWTOR

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on November 18, 2018

I’m not a fan of “gaming goals”, as in “I want to get this done next month” – but I am absolutely a fan of ticking off boxes to provide some structure to my play. I’m really too forgetful to keep longtime goals in mind. It’s kinda ok to remember doing a certain weekly each week, but surely not “if I am in this region, kill mobs of type X, not Y”. So here’s a list of SWTOR stuff I plan on doing in the next time, no deadlines provided. I didn’t do too bad since August.

  • Get Sith Juggernaut to 300 Command Level (at 273, so hopefully next week)
  • Get Scoundrel to 300 Command Level (at ~220, might take a while still)
  • Progress with the Rishi “A Pirate’s Life” achievements (Daily Harlow Ricks on the 4 pairings of Empire/Republic + Dark/Light)
  • 2 more weeks of “Continuing Comfort” (I plan to not just forget this)
  • Get BH to Valor 40 (whenever I have to do PvP for the Conquest the next time)
  • Get to Social 10 (now that will take a while)
  • 20 PvP matches on the Sage for M1-4X
  • Start KotFE, get to Alliance Alerts, refuse Rusk/Skadge/Broonmark/Lokin/Xalek/Ak’ghal Usar (For the achievements)
  • Get 1000 more kills with C2-N2 (achievements again)
  • Get some missing kills: Scourge (400), Rusk(850), Lokin(600), Khem (700), Talos (550), Andronikus (800)
  • Try out Galactic Starfighter
  • Try out Space Missions for the first time since 2011
  • Try out an Uprising
  • Do the Star Fortress quests for a second time
  • Finish my Datacrons: Rishi, Fleet, Corellia, Taris
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I managed to raid

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on November 13, 2018

Phew, an exciting week!
I was lucky and a spot opened up in my new guild’s newbie raid, so I got to do Story Mode Terror From Beyond and then Veteran Eternity Vault yesterday. So January 22th 2012 to November 12th 2018 that’s… nearly 6 years and 10 months. Also apparently we really did Nightmare mode back then, according to my achievements – it’s just puzzling that I didn’t have the Veteran 8 man clear achievements (only Normal), but those “Archived” ones show “Master mode”, i.e. old Nightmare mode. It’s weird.

Got some nice drops, so I’m at Item Rating 246 now – the first pieces not from Command Chests. It also was really fun, raiding for the first time since 4.5 years? I guess I stopped with WoW raids in early 2014. Wasn’t particularly challenging, though – the whole team being quite well equipped, everyone except me kinda knowing what to do, and then it was only SM and VM, not really hard – I mean we 7 manned Veteran EV, and one DPS was in tanking gear, that’s why needed 2 tries on the first 2 bosses. I died more than most others, but I wasn’t always in last place (from 3/4 DPS), so I’m really happy with the result. I’m not hooked again and want to RAID RAID RAID again soon, but I’d love to see all the Operations and I guess Veteran would be doable, even if I was capable I’m absolutely not keen on regular Master mode raiding 😛
I just need to read up on my rotations, on stationary fights I was overheating all the time and thus DPS suffered.

Also managed to finish the Conquest on three chars again, for a total contribution of roughly 60k.

All in all the “be in a guild again” is a really cool experience – having people to chat, and it’s low key right now without mandatory attendance and I can do a little to contribute (helping to conquer a planet, just helped someone with a fight in a Veteran chapter) and I’m getting rewards (for the planet conquest) and the opportunity to go on a raid. I guess that sounded a bit exploitative, but I don’t see taking something from anyone – I didn’t join for phat loots, so I see it as a win-win.

PS: I totally went through this post again and replaced “Heroic” with “Veteran” – I hate this change.

  • Normal Mode – Story Mode
  • Heroic Mode – Veteran Mode
  • Nightmare Mode – Master Mode

PPS: Cheers to Archarius of Tulak Hord who wanted to get the “50 people in the Stronghold achievement” and asked in General while promising 5m – and actually handed it out to a long queue of people 🙂

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A busy week in SWTOR

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on November 4, 2018

Due to having a few days off I actually got some stuff done, which was really nice – I love goals and milestones 🙂

Both my Sage and Juggernaut finally got to Archaeology 600 – apparently the easiest way is to harvest on Iokath until 580 and then just do 5-6 missions. All the guides I found online said you’d be able to harvest until 600, but at least I didn’t manage to do that. Anyway, 6 Level 10 missions isn’t too much money – so I got all Crew Skills at 600 now – that’s a big goal ticked off the list.

I also managed to finally hit 100% “companion completion” on Smuggler and Consular, after dragging Guss Tuno and Felix Iresso through some content for 1000 kills. Iresso was especially hard as I had already started KotFE on my Sage, so I had to actually use my Shadow for that. So she’s 60 now and is in the Manaan story arc.

The Rakghoul Conquest is kinda nice, especially if you’re not strictly soloing anymore, so I have finished the Conquest goal three times and I guess in total I am at like 65k.

As I joined a guild I’m now focusing a bit more on my Empire toons, that means I’ve diverted all Bonus CXP packs to my Juggernaut (who is at 194) and making that my #1 active character right now, and demoted the Scoundrel (who is 195). Juggernaut is more fun to play anyway. The aforementioned third conquest character is my Operative, who I don’t really enjoy playing (but also not less than the Scoundrel) is my only Empire character at 70 capable of healing – so I’m gonna invest a little time now and respec healing to try that out.

I also motivated myself to work on Datacron completion, finishing Imperial Balmorra, Makeb, Quest, and Ord Mantell. That leaves me missing Corellia, Fleet, Rishi, and all but one on Taris (both sides) – so 60 found and 18 missing. I remember trying Corellia already and giving up. Some of those jumping puzzles are really horrible (like that one on Makeb, where I think I needed 1h for one).

I wasn’t as happy with the Rishi Stronghold as I had originally thought, so I ripped everything (well, wasn’t so much yet to be fair) out and migrated my army of alts to my Nar Shaddaa stronghold and started remodeling parts of it.

And I cleaned out some bank space, selling off all those duplicate identically looking pieces of armor and weapons…

Finally I started on the Macrobinoculars quest chain, but only got Dromund Kaas done so far.