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About this crafting thing in FFXIV

Posted in Final Fantasy XIV by Nogamara on March 7, 2019

Wow, I know 3 gathering + 8 crafting professions looked like a chunk of work, but maybe I underestimated how much it really is.

When I last posted I had the 3 gathering ones at 16/17 and Culinarian at 16. The next night I brought the remaining 7 ones to 10/11. All in one evening. It was a very long evening though.

Now I invested a little more time.

  • 25 Fisher
  • 21 Miner + Botanist
  • 21 Culinarian
  • 16 Carpenter
  • 15 Leatherworker
  • 11 Weaver + Alchemist
  • 10 Blacksmith + Armorer

So the current plan is to get the gathering ones to 25, incl. quest and then all the others to 15 incl. quest – then I’m “done” for now. Until I want to continue, of course…

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  1. Mailvaltar said, on March 7, 2019 at 05:15

    What changed leveling the crafting professions forever for me was when I discovered the Ixal quests. Those make it SO much more quick and pleasant. Here’s some info:

    Beyond level 50 there are the Moogle quests, and there’s a crafting beast tribe in Stormblood too.

    • Nogamara said, on March 7, 2019 at 09:51

      Yes, I’d heard about them but not yet started them, thanks. My current idea is to make one each of all the recipes I have (until 15-20 they seem to be doable with easily gathered materials for the most part) if it looks feasible. So far I didn’t even spend real money, I guess I made more selling ~5 items than I spent on vendor mats.

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