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Setting goals for the future

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on December 30, 2018

A goals/achievements update. Funny how I wanted to post this on Sunday but ended up playing a lot, until after midnight. So some inline updates. 😛

Missing/working on it:

  • 13x 9x Harlow Ricks’ daily on Light Side Empire chars, then the 200 missions are done
  • Get Commando to CL 300
  • Missing 4 conquest events: Emergency Operations, The Dread War, Total Galactic War, Flashpoint Havoc
  • Missing 2 strongholds: Yavin 4 and Umbara
  • Companion Achievements:
    • Recruit: M1-4X
    • Refuse: Broonmark, Ak’ghal Usar, Sgt. Rusk, Skadge, Lokin
    • 1000 kills:
      • Andronikos Revel: 815
      • Talos Drellik: 539
      • Lord Scourge: 444 309
      • Sgt. Rusk: 885
    • Search cantinas for Paxton Rall
  • Leveling/Quests:
    • Finish Ziost on Merc
    • Finish Ziost on Sentinel
    • Get Marauder to 70
    • Finish Makeb on Juggernaut (low prio)
    • Finish KotFE/KotET on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Shadow (low prio)
  • Have a look at the Ossus dailies
  • Group Content:
    • Heal a Flashpoint
    • Heal an Operation
    • Do the 8 FPs I’ve never seen at least once
    • Try out Galactic Starfighter
    • Try out Space Missions for the first time since 2011
    • Try out an Uprising
  • Do the Star Fortress quests for a second time
  • Finish my Datacrons: Rishi, Fleet, Corellia, Taris

Done (what a short list):

  • 10th Class to Level 70 (Mercenary), now missing Marauder (55), Guardian (20 50), Sniper (20), Sorcerer, Gunslinger, Vanguard
  • 100% Life Day
  • 2500 kills with C2-N2, and thus all achievements with the 2 droids

The real question is now if I want to grind out those 2500 kills on the Sentinel/Assassin that I hardly play or if I try to get my 20 Guardian up quickly to do Rusk/Scourge. Sounds a lot more interesting, with the XP event I can focus on the class story and still progress quickly. Then there’s still the weeklies, right now I’m using my Smuggler to farm healing gear for the Operative: Do weeklies, gain ~20 boxes, respec Healing, open them, reslot all 246/248 items to Bind-to-Legacy. Same can be done with the Commando once I hit 300. Not a bad use of my time I guess.

Also the Relics of the Gree Conquest (that I usually don’t like provided me with more completions than usual. Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Juggernaut, Operative, and maybe I can even finish Guardian).

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  1. Shintar said, on December 31, 2018 at 01:44

    This Tuesday will be Total Galactic War, so you should be able to tick another item off the list then. That’s an ambitious number of goals by the way!

    • Nogamara said, on December 31, 2018 at 12:35

      Yeah, I saw. Will be out of town for a few days starting Wednesday morning though, as usual…

      And I know, but I deliberately didn’t give a timescale 😉

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