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The Gearing Conundrum

Posted in Blaugust, SW:TOR by Nogamara on August 19, 2018

SWTOR’s double XP event ran out this noon and of course I’m kinda sad but on the other hand I’m also kinda glad that I can finally do something other than chain-run Daily Zones with Weeklies because I might miss out on that sweet, sweet XP 😛

I think I made really good progress on a handful of characters.

But as focused as I was these two weeks now I’m thinking about gear again. There’s some vendor-bought Tier 2/3/4 gear that looks really nice stat-wise (I think it’s some of the highest-level available, but as  I don’t do Operations I don’t really bother looking that up in detail). The problem is that you need 2 currencies to buy it – Command Tokens (of those I have 2500 (3000 cap) now) and Unassembled Parts. To buy a Tier 4 Weapon you need (if I didn’t miscalculate) 450 + 675 + 810, but I only have just over 1600 after all these opened Command Chests. Maybe a Tier 3 one would suffice, but I kinda wanted a max item level Lightsaber. We’ll see, I guess I’m still saving up a bit further. Of my 6 max-level Characters 3 are now at Item Rating 230 (to be 100% accurate, it’s 230, 230, and 228, so 1 item missing) and one is at 237 (thanks to the Tier 3 Chests). The last one is at 196, because I didn’t even bother to give her full Outlander green/blue gear at 210/220.

As usual I’m unsure what to do, besides trying to get to 300 Command Level on my main now (focusing, because there’s a buff waiting that will speed up the others by 25% – also being more diligent at doing Ziost every week on every character, it’s just too quick XP to pass if you want to progress).

I also just started Rishi on my Imperial Agent, he’s already 62 now. Got those 8 max-level character achievements in sight, but not sure yet how much time I’ll have the next days. 🙂

PS: Blaugust has started and this is my nineteenth post.

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  1. Shintar said, on August 20, 2018 at 23:05

    Buying anything purely with the currencies is super painful and best avoided (as in buying the tier 2, upgrading it to tier 3, upgrading it to tier 4). As you’re going through the tiers you’re bound to get a weapon drop from one of your boxes at some point (unless you’re reeeally unlucky), and then you can just use the unassembled components to upgrade that. 🙂

    • Nogamara said, on August 20, 2018 at 23:27

      Thanks for the advice, yeah I was kinda thinking how to best spend them – it’s my one problem with these currencies instead of drops, I like the theory but I hate the fact I could waste it if an equally good item for that slot drops the next day.
      That said, I though you couldn’t update the Eternal Commander MK-3? 5? Tier 1 pieces via components, because of course I already have a few of those.

      From my understanding it was more like:
      – Tier 1 completely separate
      – Tier 2, 3, 4 via upgrades, e.g.

      Eternal Command MK-15 Unassembled Mainhand (450 Unassembled Component) + 18 Command Tokens =
      Eternal Commander MK-15 Force-Master’s Lightsaber (236)
      Iokath MK-15 Unassembled Mainhand (675 Unassembled Component) + 28 Command Tokens + EC MK-15 F-M LS =
      Iokath MK-5 Force-Master’s Lightsaber (242)
      Gemini MK-15 Unassembled Mainhand (810 Unassembled Component) + 34 Command Tokens + Io MK-5 F-M LS =
      Gemini MK-5 Force-Master’s Lightsaber (248)

      • Shintar said, on August 20, 2018 at 23:51

        It says something about how bad this system is that even though I have 13 characters at Command rank 300, I still had to pause and think about this (and I still regularly run to the wrong vendors when trying to buy stuff). XD

        You’re right about tier 1 being completely separate, but your upgrade chain as described here is a little wrong:
        236 lightsaber + UA components = unassembled 242 mainhand
        then unassembled 242 mainhand + tokens = 242 lightsaber
        but you probably meant the right thing because I think your overall maths checks out.

        And yeah, the RNG is tricky – it's why I personally prefer to hold off on buying things until the character is 300 and I get fed up with the slots for which I've been unlucky – but I understand why one wouldn't want to wait that long. The only other advice I can give is that implants and relics are relatively safe bets to purchase without triggering annoyance later as you need two of each and there are several different types, so the odds of the random drops giving you exactly the ones you want in the number you need are very low anyway.

      • Shintar said, on August 20, 2018 at 23:51

        Yikes! I apologise for that broken bold tag…

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