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Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on July 26, 2018

So for some reason I really like Shadow of Revan and Rishi is my favorite zone ingame. Maybe it’s because places like Hoth are so dull, KotFE is a little too much railroading for me and I’ve done all the sub-50 zones nearly 9 times now.

I’ve just started my fifth journey through Rishi (all this year, although the expansion was released in December 2014) and I’m looking forward to it, despite having completed 2 or 3 playthroughs just this past month. I somehow love the scenery, the quests, and it’s a relatively nice step between some mandatory instances (boo, despite solo mode) and Ziost, which was awesome the first time and already a little annoying the second time. Maybe it’s also because I can do some quests in the order I like, because the non-story quests are actually close by, I get to pretend to be a pirate.. I don’t know. Anyway, my Trooper is on her way to 70 as well now, at 65.5 now after doing a few Rishi quests

Arrrrrr, I'm a pirate!

Arrrrrr, I’m a pirate!

Not all is positive though, I’m trying to get the Conquest done on my freshly dinged 70 Jedi Sage (did some Hoth dailies yesterday) and I can’t get the Ilum Heroic daily. I did it once on Tuesday after the Conquest reset for the week and it’s been in “You completed this recently, come back later” for the last 46-48 hours. So I’ll probably have to do even more Hoth daily heroics… but at least I’m already at ~7500 of 15000 points.

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  1. Shintar said, on July 27, 2018 at 11:50

    The Ilum heroic is still a weekly quest. All the heroics used to be weeklies before 4.0, and for some reason they never changed this one when they updated all the others to be daily repeatable.

    • Armagon said, on July 27, 2018 at 20:15

      Thanks! I asked some folks and the common answer was “should be daily…”
      Ah well, more Hoth then I guess 🙂

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