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Welcome to Tulak Hord

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on November 9, 2017

So yeah, apparently the big server merge worked (not flawlessly, they had to extend the maintenance from 12h to ~17h and restart something, but they’re up now). The login screen tells me I’m at 9/26 characters although the patch notes say I should have 24 slots – maybe I bought 2 more slots at some point? Unlikely, but whatever. Preferred should give me 12 slots, so still some room.

Had to renamed one of my toons, the Level 14 Sniper. So not sure if I was active enough to have denied someone else their names or those other names were just unique enough to not clash. Whatever – quite happy my ~5 main toons didn’t have to be renamed.

Everything else seems to work, they even managed to keep the keybindings, awesome – although I didn’t play yet. just log a few toons. By not having more than one Legacy and only one Guild per faction the hard merge stuff shouldn’t have applied to me anyway.

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