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So much SWTOR

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on October 30, 2017

I seem to have fallen into a SWTOR-shaped hole this last month. I should’ve jotted down /played when I started, but I forgot.

  • 70 Cyborg Powertech – 3d 16h
  • 64 Chiss Sith Juggernaut – 2d 1h
  • 55 Mirialan Jedi Consular – 10d 17h (no surprise, raid char at launch)
  • 51 Twi’lek Smuggler – 2d 1h
  • 11 Rattataki Sniper
  • 16 Sith Pureblood Sith Assassin (new)

I’ve finished Yavin 4 (Shadow of Revan) on the Powertech right now, the Juggernaut is still stuck in Voss (not even finished Episode 3) and the Smuggler just finished the personal story and Corellia and is ready for Makeb (but I am not ready for Makeb again after only a week, I guess).

I still want to start solo-levelling that Trooper and duo-levelling the Sniper and Juggernaut.

The Command System at 70 is a bit confusing at first, but so far no major roadblocks. I’m also working on crafting, as usual. Still mostly happy with the Crew Skill system where you send your minions off. Downside: waiting, but I often browse and chat while alt-tabbed, so usually not a problem.

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