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Running out of clever GW2 titles

Posted in Guild Wars 2 by Nogamara on September 20, 2017

Big surprise, I’ve been playing GW2. Did some more levelling/using Tomes and now the roster looks like this:

  • Warrior – 80
  • Thief – 80
  • Guardian – 80
  • Mesmer – 80
  • Ranger – 80
  • Necromancer – 64
  • Engineer – 32

Just finished the story quests at 30 on the Engineer, nearly finished Act 1 of Heart of Thorns on the Mesmer, did the 3 daily quests for most days in the last 2 weeks and worked on some achievements:

  • 75% map completion (actually 78 already)
  • 13/18 Heart of Thorns Act 1 (needed a second playthrough, working on the rest)
  • Got to 520/1000 skins
  • Got my first set of Cultural Armor (Norn, Heavy, Tier 1)
  • a few Jumping Puzzles (most are really fun)
  • Got all Tyria Mastery Insights
  • Progressed a bit along “Anomalous Occurrences”
  • Alpha Crafter
  • 2745 (2205 + 540) Achievement Points (boo)


So the current plans are:

  • 100% map completion on the Warrior
  • finish the Personal Story (instance quest) on the Warrior
  • progress in HoT with the Mesmer
  • collect a little more equip for Mesmer and Ranger
  • maybe craft a 3rd Ascended piece (currently: Helm, Legs, Amulet, 2 Rings)
  • wrap up some achievements
  • Level Chef and Scribe to 400 (hopefully)
  • decide if any of the PoF elite specs are worth preparing some spare Hero Points

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