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Mini rant about EVE events

Posted in EVE Online by Nogamara on February 17, 2017

So there’s this Guardian’s Gala event (to get some SKINs) and that what’s got me to try a bit of EVE Online (not offline, i.e. just training) again and I’m a little let down.

  • Jump in a Thorax I have sitting around (Gallente Cruiser) and try to find a “Guardian’s Gala Rendezvous Point” (cool)
  • Had to fly around a bit and find one of those, visited like 7 systems (cool)
  • Finally found one, yay! Engage!
  • Now I know I am probably the worst EVE player in existence, but as I was just returning and didn’t know what to expect (Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose)… I maybe chose a badly fitted or badly played ship. There’s 5 Angel Cartel frigates and after killing 3 my drones are gone, I am apparently not cap stable and have to warp off. No clue how expensive the drones were, but ship insurance (as I said I was inactive the last months) + repairs = a few mil (still cool)
  • But so now I was curious how much the SKINs actually cost, so I flew my other toon to Jita to check.

TLDR: It’s easier to fly to Jita and spend 50m on ALL the skins for ALL the Gallente ships I can fly or pay 15m in insurance for a Brutix that MAY enable me to do a few of those events and get a handful of skins. Easy choice. Spent 50m, happy with my SKINs, event failed.

Not a real critique of CCP – I am totally happy that they do these events, but if I compare them to WoW (can login on *any* max level toon, do stuff to a) see the event and b) reap some rewards)… it’s not even worth trying it. It’s PvE content, I am shooting some NPC ships and maybe? get 1 SKIN per successful gate. Whereas my participation already costs a sizable amount of what I would get. I have to say that it might be quite different if I had managed to do one in my Thorax (probably easy) or if I had an insured Brutix or Ishtar ready (also easy for most people). Still not sure how Omega toons would do this. EPIC SKILL?

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  1. Wilhelm Arcturus said, on February 17, 2017 at 23:41

    It will probably be even cheaper to buy the skins after the weekend. The same thing happened with the Purity of the Throne skins. You have to get way off the beaten path to find the sites in abundance.

    I found a couple of the sites out in our part of null sec and tried to run one with my HML Tengu, but found that I was carrying the exact wrong ammo and the initial frigs were just tanking me. Later, on an op through Querious, I saw dozens of the sites sitting un-run, but was with the fleet so had to move on. For Purity of the Throne I chose to roll out in a Raven battleship and just smart bomb the hostiles until the last ship spawned, then shot that.

    • Armagon said, on February 18, 2017 at 12:27

      Hehe, now I feel a little better that at least one person didn’t say “That was sooo easy.” – But yeah, they were cheap enough that I just grabbed a bunch yesterday, although I could’ve waited.
      I think my main complaint is that I could just get them, as weird as it sounds. I was totally prepared for “I might not be able to manage the content and I might be too ISK-starved to buy them” but not for “Hey, this is so cheap even I can afford it.” Bit weird, let’s see how the next event plays out 😛

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