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Back to Tyria

Posted in Guild Wars 2 by Nogamara on December 13, 2015

Hawkeye is still 55, but a lot closer to 56. I’ve visited the Danger Room a lot, but wasn’t in the mood to grind.

But I’m back in Tyria! After contemplating rolling a Guardian for many months I finally did it. Went for the biggest baddest Norn possible and I’m having a blast. Steamrolled my way to 30 in under 12h with no urgency, just playing and doing what I liked. Used one Tome of Knowledge for 19->20 to get the story going, though. Jeweler is at 150, so only a bit of crafting done.


So my characters are now 80 Warrior, 80 Thief, 46 Necromancer, 30 Guardian, 13 Engineer and 6 Ranger. I need more character slots.

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