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I blame the summer

Posted in Guild Wars 2 by Armagon on July 29, 2015

Not much has happened in the last month since I posted.

Thief at 80

Thief at 80

Draconic Armor

Draconic Armor

Mostly because I didn’t play that much. A tiny bit of Marvel Heroes (but not even a single new hero at 60) and some GW2.

My Thief reached Level 80 (and I only spent less than 10 Tomes of Knowledge for the last levels, everything else is pure manual labor :P).

I even got to 400 Leatherworker for some Exotic Gear.

My Asura Necro is 33, but it’s going slooow and I have a Charr Engineer at ~15.

The new pic shows my Warrior in his shiny Exotic Draconic Gear I handcrafted (Armorsmith at 500).

In August I’m offline (gaming-wise) for two weeks, this will only be the second time since I started playing both MH and GW2 that I’ll miss my daily login bonus.