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Twice as strong, and handsome as ever!

Posted in Marvel Heroes by Armagon on June 30, 2015

Yes, I played some more Marvel Heroes again after a little break. It’s probably a bad idea to not be in the mood during the awesome anniversary and with all the buffs, but I logged in daily and on Sunday and Monday I achieved quite a bit. MH_20150629 First I got Squirrel Girl to 60 on the weekend and with the help of Midtown Madness and a few XP boosts Thing from 1 to 60 in one evening without much effort (lacking all the skill points from story mode though) and what can I say… I really enjoyed Squirrel Girl but I loved Thing even more. This was exactly how Hulk should’ve played back when I played him. I definitely need to grab some gear and maybe even prestige him. I heard or read that the Story Mode revamp could be going live in July, so I think I can live without those skill points for now.

Since my last update there actually were a few more things happening. Nova seemed fun at first but was a bit painful and squishy to level, he’s 60 nonetheless. The new heroes in the roster are obviously the above two (bought Thing during BOGO, lucked out on Squirrel Girl token), took Spider-Man as my free anniversay hero (last one of the 600 Splinter ones I was missing) and Rogue… if only I had written this down sooner – but I’m pretty sure I used 175 Splinters just before buying Spider-Man. So lucky there as well, as I was pondering which of the 2 to take.

Also, one new Team-Up, Iron Man Mk II from the anniversary event.

So this brings me to 22 Level 60 Heroes now, 7 non-cosmic prestige runs, 3 Team-Ups, around 5-6 pets I think and more than 25 days /played. Oh well, apparently they do deserve what money I throw in their direction. Oh, and those 1350G I mentioned in May are mostly gone.


Preordering Heart of Thorns and other purchases

Posted in Games, Guild Wars 2 by Armagon on June 24, 2015

A while ago (I’m pretty sure it was in March) there was a sale on Guild Wars 2, it always sounded kind of nice, WildStar was just not cutting it at the time – and so I bought GW2 for around 10-12 EUR. I’ve since levelled one character to 80, reached 500 in one crafting skill, levelled some alts to 30, 20, and 10 and in general had quite some fun and unlike in other games I not once felt pushed to buy something on the Gem store (aka with real money). Then a while later I learned about the upcoming expansion: Heart of Thorns. I didn’t (and still don’t) exactly know what it was going to bring (expansions in WoW have been a mixed bag, and so far I’ve been there for all of them…), but I was pretty sure I’d get it.

So recently the preorder page went up and there were the 3 options: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate. I thought about it for a little while, then decided the Standard one was a bit plain. The Deluxe looked about right from the contents (but seemed a bit pricy) but in the end I opted for the Ultimate – I’ll get some of the Gem currency I haven’t *needed* so far, but I was looking forward to a few nice things.

Most of Reddit will probably disagree and tell me how horrible I am, taking up what Arenanet puts up as an offer. But still, I don’t see this more as thanking them for my past enjoyment of the game in the last 3 months (for a laughable price of less than a month’s subscription in other games) and trusting them to not fuck this up in the near future and not so much blindly accepting what they give us. I know this can send mixed signals and maybe just buying some currency for the store would’ve sent less mixed signals – but the opportunity was at the right time, for the right price.


In other news, I recently bought a few things off GoG and Steam, namely Borderlands 2 (which is pretty good, and I like it a lot better than Borderlands) with all the DLC for 10 EUR, The Witcher 1+2 (was cheap and I’m interested – but I don’t have high enough hopes to stick longer than a few hours, that’s why Witcher 3 was out), Mass Effect 1+2 (read so many good things, can’t wait) for ~7 EUR and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag for 8 EUR – because the start of Brotherhood wasn’t especially good (after the phenomal AC 2) and when I get back, I might as well play the part that’s widely said to be the best part.

Totally unrelated, but apparently I hate having games on Steam that I had already owned before. It shows “Played: 0 hours” when in fact I spent days, weeks or even months playing them. But it doesn’t annoy me half as much as WoW not retroactively having given me basically all WSG, AB and AV achievements when they were introduced. One does not simply reach rank 11 without a five base win or 2000:1990 or whatever it was. Back then I was very much tempted to open tickets and link to screenshots of my past exploits.

Oh, this GW2 thing

Posted in Guild Wars 2 by Armagon on June 6, 2015

I dinged 80 on my Norn Warrior last Sunday (May 31st) and totally forgot to post, what a shame!





The game’s still pretty fun and after I got my last level I instantly went for Tequatl again and also did enough PvP matches to get my Exotic Greatsword. When seeing other classes I’m still not sure Warrior was the correct choice for me as I feel immensely underpowered… but it’s probably a l2p issue. Now to slowly grind towards Exotic and maybe Ascended gear.

My Necro is still at Level 20 and I also started a Human Thief and played to around Level 13 – pretty fun as well.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall completed

Posted in Completed, Games, RPG by Armagon on June 4, 2015

Thanks to the public holiday I stayed up until 3 am and continued after getting up, so I’m finally done with Shadowrun: Dragonfall. It’s so good! I finished it in ~18h according to Steam, which is more than twice the time than Shadowrun Returns – but I think I didn’t skip any side quest this time.

My main character was (again) a Ranged Street Samurai (this time Female Troll named Tar instead of Male Orc named Zip) and I used only Rifles (Assault and Sniper) and a Shotgun near the end. I mostly played with Dietrich (Shaman) on Support, Eiger (Sniper) and Glory (Melee) but sometimes took Blitz (Decker) over Glory. I totally didn’t see the Cyberware menu for the first ~10 hours, so only used the active stuff in the end.

There are two things I didn’t like, first of all the loading times when starting the game. At times it took 2-3 minutes to get into, this is a bit weird (but it wasn’t on my SSD, so ok). When moving from zone to zone (which doesn’t happen that often, maybe twice per hour max) it was a lot quicker, but still a bit slow. And the grand finale was just too easy. Or maybe I minmaxed a little too much, but in the middle of the game I sometimes struggled with fights (had to abandon and reload once), and in the end I was just waltzing through. Didn’t even use my medkits anymore and hardly a heal. Also only used one summon out of three I had.

Everything else was basically perfect, I am so much looking forward to Hong Kong now.

I might even try to get a few more achievements out of this game and play as a non-Samurai, we’ll see.


But now I can finally listen to that AggroChat episode without being spoilered 🙂

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