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Posted in Podcast by Armagon on January 3, 2015

I used to say I don’t like podcasts, then I discovered Battle Bards and have listened to every episode ever since.  Well, maybe I discovered it quite timely when it launched, but I was at least giving it a spin. It might have helped that I read Syp‘s and Syl‘s blogs already.

Only one or two months ago I stumbled over AggroChat while reading Belghast’s Tales of the Aggronaut blog. Funny fact about this is that I had visited his site already at least once or twice in the past (by being linked to from some other blog, but had not liked it enough to subscribe to the feed. But this time around, around October I think, it suddenly appealed to me and I’ve been looking forward to his daily post ever since.

And this is where their participation in The Gaming and Entertainment Network probably paid off, because I was shopping around and found Cat Context and have listened to around 15 episodes now.

So that’s it for now, I’m not using any podcast app or listening on the go, but it’s nice while levelling in MMOs.


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