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Thinking about alts again

Posted in WoW by Nogamara on January 18, 2019

After so many years of playing WoW I’ve amassed a number of characters, of course the goal was to have one high-level class per faction – but a few are missing.

So clearly I’m missing an Alliance Warlock (played a male Gnome one through Boralus in the BfA trial, ready to receive a 110 boost, but undecided), an Alliance Druid (got a 44 one on my other account), an Alliance Monk, an Alliance Death Knight (got a 70 one my other account), and a Horde Demon Hunter. Those 2 on the other account are quite low, so no use transferring them, as I don’t think that account will ever be reactivated. Thanks to the starter edition I just checked the 2 bank chars and they have like 600 cloth and 600 leather and a few random items. There’s also a 4x Alliance Paladin that I already had restarted and the new one is nearly 120 right now. 😛

The third Rogue, second Warrior, and second Shaman are on a German server where some friends used to play. The third Hunter is on Argent Dawn where the blogger guild <Single Abstract Noun> played, many years ago. The Death Knight and third Priest are on the server where I had transferred my main to raid. Finally the third Warrior is on another German server where some friends played – all the others here are on my main server, or on it’s merged partner. This is really good, so I can mostly keep Horde and Alliance separate, only the second (Alliance) Rogue is old enough to be on the main server, the rest is on the other server.

There’s also a distinct lack of Rogue favoritism, they’re only a few levels in the lead over the Warriors…

Also it doesn’t help that I stopped playing regularly…





I’ve also thought about the Allied races for a while.

  • Void Elves: Moderately interesting. Progress: Never been to Argus. Effort: High
  • Lightforged Draenei: Hardly interesting, still Draenei. Progress: Never been to Argus. Effort: High
  • Dark Iron Dwarves: Very interesting, although I’m just now playing a Dwarf. Progress: Not started the War Campaign: Effort: Medium to High?
  • Kul Tiran Humans: Quite interesting. Progress: Not started the War Campaign: Effort: High
  • Nightborne: Moderately interesting. Progress: 14900/21000 and mostly done Suramar on one char. Effort: Medium to Low
  • Highmountain Tauren: Moderately interesting, not different enough. Progress: Exalted and Started the quest in TB. Effort: Low I hope
  • Zandalari Trolls: Relatively interesting. Progress: Not started the War Campaign, halfway through Zuldazar. Effort: Medium to High?
  • Mag’har Orcs: Hardly interesting, I like normal Orcs. Progress: Not started the War Campaign. Effort: High

So in summary I’ll try to unlock the Tauren soonish, then I’ll have a look at the two War Campaigns anyway. Maybe I’ll revisit Suramar, I was not a big fan.

Oh, and I also still have that Level 100 boost. Useful targets could be: Alliance Druid, Alliance Death Knight, Alliance Shaman on my main server. Demon Hunter would start at 98/100 anyway and I’m not sure I want to try Monk again. My least favorite class, followed by DK.

So much to do, so little time 🙂


Less SWTOR, more WoW

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on January 17, 2019

No, I’ve not abandoned SWTOR completely, just put it on the backburner a little. I’m still busy in Rishi, fighting pirates.

I also haven’t started the Conquest this week, but I hope to get some time in on the weekend and finish it at least once, but it’s not one of the three I’m missing.

But I’ve also finished this finally, 5th class to Command Level 300 – gotta love that weird weekly handin. I’m mostly doing this to get better (healing) gear, but these last 14 boxes (10x T3, 4x T4) were a little meh.

Finished with Drustvar

Posted in WoW by Nogamara on January 13, 2019

I’m really glad I started WoW. Maybe it’s because enough time has passed or because BfA evokes a lot of memories of the good old times, but I’m enjoying it immensely.

As I wrote I started in Drustvar. I finished it on my second night and got to 114 in the progress. It is hands down the best zone in an MMO I have seen in more than 5 years. Maybe more. The music, the setting, the quests, everything was awesome. I like that it’s a bit slower than I remember leveling in WoW, but I might be mistaken. I took some screenshots and didn’t fiddle around in the AH, so I can give a number of hours played when I am done.

Yesterday I started playing my old main (Orc Rogue) in Vol’dun and it wasn’t so awesome, but still immensely fun. The writing was still good, I liked the scenery (despite it being a desert) and the NPCs. I haven’t finished the zone, but I’m close.

The only downside I’ve noticed so far is hardware-related. My graphics cards used to kinda switch off every few weeks – sound continues but everything goes dark and I need to shutdown and restart, reset doesn’t help either, neither did any of the driver updates. For the first time this was reproducible, when going into the cave in Drustvar to kill Mother Whatever. After failing three times I just switched to potato mode and turned down all graphics settings. That worked. Still a bit annoying – but at least I now know how to temporarily fix it. Maybe it’s some sort of texture or graphics effect. So overall, not so bad and not WoW’s fault, it has happened in multiple games already.

Back in Azeroth – 2019 edition

Posted in WoW by Nogamara on January 8, 2019

Yes, I did it. Last night I came home from work and instead of logging in to SWTOR (or making dinner, like a reasonable person would) I went to the website and subscribed to WoW for a month. As I had already purchased the Battle for Azeroth expansion at the Black Friday sale and had patched up last week I could start 5 minutes later. Quite a nice experience.

Sadly my Horde guild of many years seems to be even more dead than in Legion (last login of anyone else: more than a week ago) I chose Alliance. Also because I wasn’t in the mood of sorting out bags. And I want to see both story lines anyway, so might as well start in the guild – because the Alliance guild is big enough that I was sure they’d still be around – just as they were back in late October.

So I dusted off my Dwarf Retribution Pally, abandoned nearly all Legion quests, put my stuff in my bank (not full already on this toon), disabled all addons and off we went. Halfway through the intro I remembered I had already done it in October. The Fall of Lordaeron scenario is pretty nice for the first time, ok for the second time 2 months later.. but I guess I’ll skip it from now on unless there’s a year between new toons. Anyway – a quick web search told me Drustvar is the place to start, so I did. And didn’t feel the need to stop or get up for 4 hours. This was pretty nice. It’s fun, I love the zone – some of the quests made me smile or laugh and in the end I was Level 111 and a half and can’t wait to continue playing.

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Podcast update

Posted in Podcast by Nogamara on January 7, 2019

I wrote about podcasts in the past and not much has changed.

The one I’m looking forward to every week is AggroChat and I’ve listened to every single episode.

Lately I’ve come back to the Massively OP Podcast and I’ve listened to 24 episodes out of the last ~35. It’s a bit heavy on current stuff, so there’s not so much use going through the backlog.

Battle Bards is an alltime favorite and I need to listen to those 13 episodes (excl the latest) I missed (out of 135 + 14). I did not listen to it for the first half of 2017 and just haven’t caught up.

Unfortunately none (except one) of the SWTOR podcasts I tried [0] have really clicked with me. For some of them the hosts seem to be talking over each other all the time, sometimes it’s just a little long-winded, some I enjoyed a few episodes of, then it didn’t work out. Sometimes it’s as simple as me not liking the hosts’ voices. I know that’s petty but I used to say I’m not a big fan of podcasts – and I’d still say it’s true. If anyone involved is reading this, I’m sorry. It’s definitely me, not you.

I sampled a lot of them (not just SWTOR) and the ones above are the only ones I’ve been sticking with for a few years. There are only 2-3 more in general I ever stuck with. The one I did like was State of the Old Republic – but that’s not so surprising as I did listen to the Hunting Party Podcast back when I played WoW, despite never maining a hunter. But it’s pretty short, which is fine unless you need more material 😛

But I finally managed to watch the rest of the Pugging with Shintar episodes of Season 2. Too bad I am absolutely not good with remembering tactics anymore. The explanations would be helpful enough… I know this is not a podcast, but I watch it on the second screen while playing. It’s mostly audio and a little less watching for me.

I exclusively listen to podcasts while playing games (MMOs or puzzles) – and never when I’m interested in the story (like in SWTOR), that means not with new content or content I haven’t done in a while – mostly while killing mobs or while spacebaring through stuff I’ve really seen 10 times (Hello, Makeb!). I think for this limited scope managing to be caught up on this amount isn’t too bad. I’m just glad I don’t have this fear of missing out – I am absolutely happy to ignore all the podcasts about topics I’m interested in if I don’t instantly love it (and I still give them a fair chance, usually).

[0]: Shintar has a list in her sidebar that I’m too lazy to copy, one currently (indefinitely?) on hiatus (Corellian Run Radio) is missing. I think don’t know any others, but I’ve not yet explored a lot – checking 7 new ones was already some work.

Last week’s goals, updated

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on January 7, 2019

I wrote about some goals a week ago and despite not being at home for a few days I managed to check a few things off the list. But tomorrow (in like 9h) work starts again and things will slow down. Also I managed to do some of the easy ones, pfff


  • DONE Harlow Ricks’ daily on Light Side Empire chars
  • Get Commando to CL 300 (at 265)
  • Missing 4 3 conquest events: Emergency Operations, The Dread War, Total Galactic War, Flashpoint Havoc
  • Missing 2 1 strongholds: Yavin 4 and Umbara
  • Companion Achievements:
    • Recruit: M1-4X
    • Refuse: Broonmark, Ak’ghal Usar, Sgt. Rusk, Skadge, Lokin
    • 1000 kills:
      • Andronikos Revel: 815
      • Talos Drellik: 417
      • Lord Scourge: 444 0
      • Sgt. Rusk: 885 675
    • Search cantinas for Paxton Rall
  • Leveling/Quests:
    • Finish Ziost on Merc
    • Finish Ziost on Sentinel
    • Get Marauder to 70 (at 57)
    • Get Guardian to 70 (at 58)
    • Finish Makeb on Marauder
    • Finish Makeb on Juggernaut (low prio)
    • Finish KotFE/KotET on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Assassin
    • Finish Ilum on Shadow (low prio)
  • Have a look at the Ossus dailies – normal / heroic

So that’s only one of twelve chars not having done Makeb and one of twelve not having done Ilum. But seven sitting with “Battle of Ilum” in their quest log and one with “False Emperor” – so that’s the cutoff point for my willingness to continue the Ilum story arc.


2018 in review

Posted in About this blog by Nogamara on December 31, 2018

As is customary I am writing a “year in review” post that shows my exploits and ignores the rest of the world, there are better writers for this kind of stuff 🙂

What I played a lot:

Where I spent a decent amount of time

Played a bit:

Gaming expenses in 2018:

  • SW:TOR: 7x 13 EUR = 91 EUR for subscriptions
  • WoW: 1x 35 EUR for Battle for Azeroth, no subscription yet
    • Oh my, just checked the Blizzard store. It’s on sale *again* for 25 EUR. Stupid me for buying it, but I really had planned to play around this time. Is it selling so badly they need to have it on sale twice in the first few months? Wow.
  • Games on Steam: 24 EUR for Quake Champions, 0.42 EUR to complete 2 Card sets
  • Games on GOG: 3.90 EUR for Torchlight 2
  • Games on Humble Bundle: 20 EUR for Dead Cells, 1 EUR for Shadow of Mordor

This means: 176 EUR in 2018, at ~15 EUR per month. WTF, this is a new low I guess.

  • Amount of MMO subscription months paid: 7
  • Bought stuff in the ingame shop: SWTOR, but with no additional cash
  • Full price games: 2 (Quake Champions, Dead Cells)
  • MMO Expansions: 1 (WoW: Battle for Azeroth)

So (and this is new this year) some analysis:

  • I’m still mostly playing one MMO at a time
  • Although I have 4 mobile games up there, this was only a few minutes at home this year, mostly while waiting for something
  • Depending on how much public transport commute I have, I play some mobile games. Usually I read RSS feeds, this winter I preferred gaming
  • I guess I didn’t buy so many games that I won’t play then. Yay.

There are still a few Steam games on sale I’m thinking about 😛

  • The Flame in the Flood
  • Convoy
  • Tooth and Tail
  • Cat Quest
  • Prison Architect
  • Another Brick in the Mall
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Setting goals for the future

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on December 30, 2018

A goals/achievements update. Funny how I wanted to post this on Sunday but ended up playing a lot, until after midnight. So some inline updates. 😛

Missing/working on it:

  • 13x 9x Harlow Ricks’ daily on Light Side Empire chars, then the 200 missions are done
  • Get Commando to CL 300
  • Missing 4 conquest events: Emergency Operations, The Dread War, Total Galactic War, Flashpoint Havoc
  • Missing 2 strongholds: Yavin 4 and Umbara
  • Companion Achievements:
    • Recruit: M1-4X
    • Refuse: Broonmark, Ak’ghal Usar, Sgt. Rusk, Skadge, Lokin
    • 1000 kills:
      • Andronikos Revel: 815
      • Talos Drellik: 539
      • Lord Scourge: 444 309
      • Sgt. Rusk: 885
    • Search cantinas for Paxton Rall
  • Leveling/Quests:
    • Finish Ziost on Merc
    • Finish Ziost on Sentinel
    • Get Marauder to 70
    • Finish Makeb on Juggernaut (low prio)
    • Finish KotFE/KotET on Operative
    • Finish Ilum on Shadow (low prio)
  • Have a look at the Ossus dailies
  • Group Content:
    • Heal a Flashpoint
    • Heal an Operation
    • Do the 8 FPs I’ve never seen at least once
    • Try out Galactic Starfighter
    • Try out Space Missions for the first time since 2011
    • Try out an Uprising
  • Do the Star Fortress quests for a second time
  • Finish my Datacrons: Rishi, Fleet, Corellia, Taris

Done (what a short list):

  • 10th Class to Level 70 (Mercenary), now missing Marauder (55), Guardian (20 50), Sniper (20), Sorcerer, Gunslinger, Vanguard
  • 100% Life Day
  • 2500 kills with C2-N2, and thus all achievements with the 2 droids

The real question is now if I want to grind out those 2500 kills on the Sentinel/Assassin that I hardly play or if I try to get my 20 Guardian up quickly to do Rusk/Scourge. Sounds a lot more interesting, with the XP event I can focus on the class story and still progress quickly. Then there’s still the weeklies, right now I’m using my Smuggler to farm healing gear for the Operative: Do weeklies, gain ~20 boxes, respec Healing, open them, reslot all 246/248 items to Bind-to-Legacy. Same can be done with the Commando once I hit 300. Not a bad use of my time I guess.

Also the Relics of the Gree Conquest (that I usually don’t like provided me with more completions than usual. Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Juggernaut, Operative, and maybe I can even finish Guardian).

Healer incoming

Posted in SW:TOR by Nogamara on December 27, 2018

Some time ago I decided I want to try healing in SWTOR, but I had no suitable character. As I’m playing mostly Empire right now, that CL 300 Smuggler with ~240 DPS gear wasn’t any help, so I started to play my Operative a bit more, with the intention to grab some healing gear from the higher tier Command chests. He’s CL 134 now, so that’s not so much, but ok, it’s progressing.
But I also still had one of those boosts left so I went out to create a new char with the intention to boost. Then I read up on the boost and I felt this wasn’t worth it. You skip all the story, you can’t make your decisions, meh. How long can it take to level up? Wasn’t there some Double XP event planned after Christmas?

Commando with a new helmet

That’s how my Mercenary got started. I wanted to replay the Bounty Hunter story line anyway (thus the boost would have sucked) and I very quickly went to Level 20 (big surprise). Then I couldn’t play for a few days due to Christmas stuff, but with the +25% XP boosts from quests and the +100% server XP buff I managed to get to 70 in less than 10h, and I’m sitting at CL 26 already, having finished everything up to and including Yavin 4, as I usually do on all my chars. I just skipped Ilum again this time. And I already could transfer one 240 item from my Commando (at CL 236 now) over, via slotting the modules into a bind-to-legacy item. It’s not so cheap, but I’m not exactly lacking funds right now. 240 is a lot better than the 210 item he had equipped. So I guess this route is a lot quicker now. I respecced the Commando to Healing as well to get healing gear from the boxes, then I will transfer that over. Maybe I should’ve done this legacy-ification a lot sooner, but I felt it wasn’t really worth pre-248. This is now just an exception because I want to have some healing equip. Of course I was still too chicken to try to heal a random FP, but I hope I’ll feel confident enough soon 😛 I do think it has more to do with “running a dungeon” than “the pressure of healing” – I just don’t like small group content.

I’m pretty happy how he looks, I wrote before that I tried Male Body Type 4 once and hated it. This one now is fine – I just need to watch out which chest item I show, because in some of them he really looks to fat and unfit for combat.

Twi’lek Mercenary at Level 70

I usually insert too many screenshots, because I make too few – but here’s one of one of my favorite semi-reproducible bugs: If you change your spec while being mounted you will sometimes be shown running while mounted. Depending on the type of your mount this looks wrong or really funny:

Christmas shenanigans

Posted in About this blog, Games by Nogamara on December 26, 2018

Did I already rant how I hate December and all the stress about Christmas? Probably not here (at least this year) but it’s real. I stopped playing Destiny 2, I still haven’t resubbed to WoW.

Torchlight 2 was on sale the last days, so I finally bought it after some nudging. It’s fun, although I didn’t play a lot yet. The only game I was playing a little was SWTOR – but I’ll have a separate post for that, maybe sooner. At least now the real part of my vacation time starts, all the Christmas stuff is over now.

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