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Moving to

Posted in About this blog by Nogamara on March 24, 2019

So I’ve been using this blog for 9.5 years and I think it’s grown up enough that I can move to my own domain. There are several reasons why I didn’t do this so far, but now I decided to do it. For all things digital, it’s kind of fitting this is blog post #256.

Please move your browsers to and update your feed readers to All content has been transferred, the url structure is the same, and that’s it.

Money well spent?

Posted in WoW by Nogamara on March 20, 2019

I was lamenting on Twitter a bit that leveling in BfA for the 2nd time (Horde) and 3rd time (Alliance) wasn’t sparking a lot of joy for me so maybe I should stray from the well trodden path of Drustvar -> Tiragarde -> Stormsong and Vol’dun -> Zuldazar -> Nazmir or mix it up somehow, but I didn’t get a lot of feedback.

After Joar (master of alts) told me there were now 120 Heirlooms in game (which I had totally missed) I went on a buying spree (compared to my usual hoarding) and upgraded a set of 90 Plate Heirlooms to 120. Head/Shoulders/Chest/Legs/Ring/Cloak – that’s 6 items. 3 Upgrades each, priced at 1000g, 2000g, and 5000g. So that’s 48k. Ouch.

On the upside, my freshly transferred Night Elf Warrior flew through Level 112 and is now 113.5 after a quick dungeon run for some profession quest for a guildmate. On equipping I was a little unhappy because the Heirlooms are only iLvl 223ish and I had already acquired 2 280 Azerite pieces. But +50% XP is probably worth it.

Also I at least thought about if this makes sense first, but I have quite some Plate wearers (and none at 120 yet) that will benefit from this gear:

  • 112 NE Warrior
  • 111 Troll Warrior
  • 101 BE Paladin
  • 100 UD Death Knight
  • 55 Draenei? Death Knight (planned)

It’s a bit of a shame I already leveled one Plate wearer, 2 Leather wearers and most of one Mail wearer. Then again the Heirlooms weren’t ingame, but I could’ve sped up the NE Warrior’s journey from 101 to 110. Ah well, we’ll see how this works out and if I’ll buy another set. I think I have just enough gold to justify the other 3x32k (without ring and cloak).

FFXIV: Base Game finished I guess

Posted in Final Fantasy XIV by Nogamara on March 15, 2019

So I guess so have finished the ARR content of the original game in a bit of an anticlimactic way by coming years late to the party. The last 3 main story quests happen in 8 man dungeons (aside: funny that at Level 49 you finally get an explanation why a 4 man dungeon group is called Light Party) which are a little heavy on the cutscenes (not a problem) but are made really, really trivial by apparently not downscaling higher level players (enough or at all). The groups I had didn’t have anyone say hi, explain tactics or do anything other than focus DPS the boss down with maybe the offtank grabbing some adds. Or not, or just doing a bad job, couldn’t really tell. The evil Garleans set up for all these levels definitely felt a bit like cannon fodder and kinda wasted, but maybe those were epic battles when the content was current.

All in all a bit of wasted time, for example like sending a 6x group in TBC equipment into UBRS. Smash and grab, just without any loot. I guess it’s good the higher level players get poetics as a reward so us newbies don’t get blocked on the quest, I only had to queue for ~33min as a DPS, on a weekday in the early evening just after work.

Also maybe it was me or maybe the game, but after that I found myself wandering aimlessly for the first time. Sure, I did continue the MSQ, but I saw these “unlock quests” with the partially blue symbol at 50 everywhere and tried to follow a few, but they didn’t all seem to end up in something meaningful. In the progress I unlocked more beast tribe quests and dungeons, sure. But why do all these quests only pop up at 50 despite being high 40s. I don’t believe I missed ALL of them earlier, or maybe I did?

Also the amount of XP I got for all this running around seemed a bit low on Level 50/51 but maybe it was just a lot of breadcrumb ones and I was playing lower jobs too much in the last two weeks. Or maybe Heavensward does start a bit slow and it’s not me, we’ll see.

This may sound overly negative so maybe I just had a bad day, but the anticipation was kinda spoiled. The Praetorium definitely felt worse than the 2 8mans before it, which I did in the last days. Oh, and while it’s nice to know I am already eligible to start the quest for an epic purple bow I’m 90% sure it’s only good as a transmog now, if at all, but researching so far has proved inconclusive if it can later be upgraded or stays at 50.

Onward to 70

Posted in Final Fantasy XIV by Nogamara on March 13, 2019

Waiting it out paid off, yesterday I checked the Square Enix store like every few days and lo and behold, Stormblood was on sale for 15 EUR. So I grabbed it, cheered in /g and went on to play WoW for an hour until it had patched.

Then I could finally hand in my Level 50 Bard quest and kill 5 mobs to finish the Archer Hunting Log. I hate wasting XP. The rewards for the Job Quest were a bit weird IMHO, the chest for your blue Level 45 set and then a full 50 set as a recolor. But I won’t complain… Checked the AH for a cheap 50 bow, neck, bracers, ring, and earrings and got all except the earrings for cheap. Now to just finish the last 2-3 steps of the ARR MSQ.

So if you started playing recently, grab your discounted expansion.

Rise, Thunderfury!

Posted in WoW by Nogamara on March 11, 2019

I’m not 100% sure when I got my first drop of bindings. Not in classic for sure. Maybe we started running MC for fun at 80, but it really doesn’t matter if it was 2008 or 2012 – I’ve been running MC on and off on several toons to collect my Tier 1 sets and like 3 weeks ago I finally got the second bindings on the same character that could use them – so I started collecting Arcane Crystals and Arcanite Bars and transmuting. I spent too much money, of course and didn’t really think about the fact I can’t transmog it. It doesn’t matter – I think it’s money well spent (certainly better as an achievement than the Yak with the transmog NPC on it…) and I have it now and I’m happy, and I can say it took roughly 10 years 😛

Vacation equals MMO time

Posted in WoW by Nogamara on March 9, 2019

Yesterday and today I took the time and got some things done I had on my todo list for a while:

  • Finish the Tide of Vengeance War Campaign on Horde
  • Ran The Eye to complete a Tier 5 transmog set (it worked!)
  • Finish Blood Gate & Zandalar Forever
  • First Exalted rep: 7th Legion
  • Put more 110 characters through the BfA intro, to the Golden Seal
  • Finally get a transmog for the Alliance Druid
  • Wrap up Darkmoon Faire profession quests on all 13 toons at Level 100+
  • Ran all three wings of Dazar’alor in the Raid Finder

Yep, vacation and staying at home helps get shit done in MMOs 🙂

Goals and time investment

Posted in Final Fantasy XIV by Nogamara on March 7, 2019

Just when I thought this game didn’t have /played I learn that it’s /playtime. And yeah, 4d 20h – after 25 real days, that makes 4.6h per day on average. But to be fair I let it run a while because I thought there was no /played.

Warrior is finally shaping up to do a bit more damage. So I’m kinda glad I don’t have the expansions yet, so I can focus at the low level stuff for a bit. Although I would really like to finish the final bard quest and do some stuff but it’s wasted XP and I’m not doing anything either. Short term goals now are some Kobold beast tribe dailies and getting to 44 with the Warrior to get some dungeon + quest out of the way.

What really annoys me a little right now that my Duty roulette has been Sastasha for 3 or 4 days straight now. Bah!

About this crafting thing in FFXIV

Posted in Final Fantasy XIV by Nogamara on March 7, 2019

Wow, I know 3 gathering + 8 crafting professions looked like a chunk of work, but maybe I underestimated how much it really is.

When I last posted I had the 3 gathering ones at 16/17 and Culinarian at 16. The next night I brought the remaining 7 ones to 10/11. All in one evening. It was a very long evening though.

Now I invested a little more time.

  • 25 Fisher
  • 21 Miner + Botanist
  • 21 Culinarian
  • 16 Carpenter
  • 15 Leatherworker
  • 11 Weaver + Alchemist
  • 10 Blacksmith + Armorer

So the current plan is to get the gathering ones to 25, incl. quest and then all the others to 15 incl. quest – then I’m “done” for now. Until I want to continue, of course…

I’m a tank, I guess

Posted in Final Fantasy XIV by Nogamara on March 4, 2019

Small update in FFXIV (ah well, who am I kidding, I guess I played a lot):

  • Warrior at 35
  • Conjurer at 18
  • Arcanist at 10
  • Botanist at 17
  • Miner at 16
  • Fisher at 17
  • Culinarian at 16

Warrior solo isn’t as fast as I had hoped, let’s see if there are some more good DPS skills coming, but I’ve been dutifully (haha) doing my daily Duty Roulette and Guildhest. Apart from not knowing the way (should get better by time) all the lowbie dungeons aren’t especially hard to tank. Except that slime boss in Copperbell Mines…

Despite what I wrote about Botanist, Gathering doesn’t seem to be so hard, at least in the early levels. Do a few levequests between the class quests, grind a bit, done. Fishing is actually kinda relaxing, watched some YouTube videos on the second screen and then it’s better than WoW fishing and can be done with audio and glancing over alone.

What I read from several people that players tend to level all related professions in bursts, as to be able to get rid of old gear and synergies between the Jobs and what not. So I got to 15 now on all 3 but I’m not seeing it, except getting rid of 2 pieces of sub-15 gear. Also no way I’m leveling 7 different (other) crafting professions to Level 15 now. My inventory is exploding in cooking mats and food already just from the one profession. I might try Weaver or Alchemist though.

Battle for Azeroth 2 months later

Posted in WoW by Nogamara on March 2, 2019

In general I’m pretty happy with Battle for Azeroth, no, really. On January 7th I resubbed and I’m pretty sure I’m continuing for a third month in a week. For someone who played from 2006 to 2014 with no break longer than a couple of months and then stopped completely, only coming back for the expansions that sounds kind of good.

I do have some goals, after all. Mostly hitting Exalted with the 4 factions needed for the new races and seeing the whole story from both sides, but a few more…

There are a few annoyances though:

First of all, if I’m not interested in gear there’s no real draw to continue playing my second char per faction. I’m at iLvl ~330 – did Stromgarde once and don’t see a real draw to grind gear and rep now.

Also I’ve hit iLvl 382 with my best geared character and I don’t seem to be able to progress without doing Mythics – and while I can live with 5mans, I hate timed runs.

Vulpera are not a playable race.

Also grinding out some old Draenor Garrison achievements is just so painful. So much luck involved even though you’re trying chance daily.

Same goes for the Order Hall in theory, but it seems to be less annoying.